¡ Las clases están empezando pronto!

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Las primeras clases del año son: 11 de septiembre (martes) y 13 de septiembre (jueves)


29/03/18 – Cena Cultural

La semana pasada, los miembros de GANO se reunieron y disfrutaron de una deliciosa cena cortesía de la junta ejecutiva de GANO. Antonio Alanís, del Centro Hispano, vino para explicar los diversos servicios que ofrece el Centro. Para obtener más información, visite https://www.elcentronc.org/.

Last week the tutors and tuttees of GANO got together and enjoyed a lovely meal courtesy of GANO’s executive board. Antonio Alanís from the Centro Hispano came in to elaborate on the varying services the Centro offers. For more information please visit https://www.elcentronc.org/.

Spotlight: Tutoring Pair of the Week 04/21/2017


Say hello to Carter, Cathy, and Ilena! Carter is from Nashville, Tenessee and loves to play hockey. His favorite team is the Nashville Predators. Ilena is from El Salvador. Right now, she is learning how to send text messages on her cell phone. And who does she want to text you might ask? Well Carter of course! And don’t forget about Cathy! She is from Fort Collins, Colorado. She loves to do archery. Wouldn’t want to get her on your bad side. Thank you so much for being here guys!

Spotlight: Tutoring Pair of the Week 04/13/2017


This week we’re spotlighting a new tutor/tutee pair: Osman and Judith! This is Judith’s first time tutoring, and today she’s been getting to know Osman, who has been coming to Gano for about a year. Judith is originally from Austin, Texas, and it’s her first year in Durham. Osman is from Honduras, and has been in Durham for the past 8 years. While Judith loves chocolate ice cream, Osman’s more of a vanilla kind of man. Judith has also recently gotten into the television show Shameless, and Osman loves the movie Fast and Furious. Thanks for coming guys!

Spotlight: Tutoring Pair of the Week 03/28/2017


This is Eduardo and Gino! Eduardo is from Mexico and likes to play and watch soccer. He has been in the US for 7 years and loves all types of food. He wanted to be an engineer when he was younger and works at Elmo’s on 9th street. Gino is from Omaha, Nebraska and likes reading about history and politics in his free time. He is Italian and Swedish and his dream job when he was younger was to be a zookeeper.

Spotlight: Tutoring Pair of the Week 03/23/2017


This week, we’re spotlighting Kevin and Luz! This is Kevin’s first year in GANO, and second time being spotlighted with a tutee. This week, the Florida-native tutoring Luz. This is Luz’s first semester in GANO, though she came to Durham from Peru 6 years ago. Luz is quite daring, and during a trip with her son to the rainforests of Peru, she encountered an eel that’d been caught by a fisherman. While everyone else was shrinking away, scared to touch it, Luz decided she would boldly do what no one else would: touch the eel. She approached it, and as she felt its slippery skin, she felt a shock go up her entire arm to her shoulder! Yikes!


Spotlight: Tutoring Pair of the Week 03/02/2017


This week we’re spotlighting Emanuel (left) and Austin! Emanuel has been coming to GANO for the past 4 months, and has been consistently working with Austin, a graduate student in the statistics program. Emanuel is originally from Mexico and his favorite sweet treat is chocolate cake, and Austin is from Virginia and his favorite is flan. YUM!

Spotlight: Tutoring Pair of the Week 02/21/2017


Meet Analia and Emma! Analia is from Argentina and came to the United States just three weeks ago. Emma is also international, hailing from Jamaica. Both Analia and Emma are interested in law–Analia is interested in environmental law, and Emma is interested in either human rights immigration law. Thanks so much for coming, great work guys!

Spotlight: Tutoring Pair of the Week 02/16/2017


Our tutoring pair of the week is Conan and Lilian! Conan is from Dallas, Texas and loves to play the piano. At Duke, he is doing some really interesting research on neurons! Lilian is from El Salvador. She loves to cook, and her favorite type of food is Chinese food. ¡Que Rica! Thanks for the hard work you guys!