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Email: gano.duke@gmail.com

Para los Estudiantes / For the Students

GANO es una oportunidad para mejorar sus habilidades de inglés incluyendo hablar y escribir. Si Ud. esta acabando de empezar a aprender inglés o quiere mejorar su dicción, ven a aprender con nosotros en la Universidad de Duke. Clases empiezan a las 6:30 PM en punto hasta las 8:00 PM. Tenemos clases cada martes y jueves con la excepción de las vacaciones de Duke.


GANO is an opportunity to improve your English language abilities including talking and writing skills. Whether you are just starting to learn or want to fine-tune your choice of words. Classes begin promptly at 6:30 PM and end at 8:00PM. Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday with the exception of Duke University holidays.


Para los Tutores / For the Tutors

To be an ESL tutor you must have at least a basic level of Spanish speaking, reading, and writing abilities. Classes are usually one-on-one tutoring, although we will have computer classes, health education, and some mini presentations throughout the semester. Besides tutoring, GANO also has a childcare program for the children of the parents being tutored. You will help organize fun activities for the kids and play with them. You DO NOT need to know Spanish to assist with childcare. Tutors should be comfortable speaking Spanish, although fluency is not necessary. We are also continuing our child tutoring program this fall!DSC_1180


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