Spotlight: Tutoring Pair of the Week 01/31/2017

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This week, we’re featuring Quilsis and Elizabeth on their second GANO lesson together! Quilsis is from the Dominican Republic, and Elizabeth is a freshman from Maryland. This is their first year doing GANO! Quilsis primarily works and studies English, leaving her little free time, while when Elizabeth has free time, she likes to read books. Her favorite book is Speaker for the Dead, which she highly recommends! Quilsis believes her spirit animal is a (small) dog, and Elizabeth thinks hers is a dolphin. Thanks for coming you two!


Spotlight: Tutoring Pair of the Week 01/24/2017

Welcome back, GANO! We’re kicking off our second week of classes with our first tutor/tutee spotlight of the semester!


This week, we talked to Kevin (left) and Henry! Kevin is a freshman from Florida, and it’s his first semester with GANO. Henry is originally from Colombia, and it’s also his first semester with GANO! When Henry’s not sharpening his english skills at GANO, he enjoys watching the news. Kevin likes watching basketball, and jamming out to Amy Whitehouse music. Thanks for coming!

Spotlight: Tutoring Pair of the Week 12/08/2016

Meet our last tutor/tutee spotlight of the semester: Daniel and Reyna! Reyna is from the Dominican Republic and has been attending Gano, and working with Daniel, for a year. Daniel is a senior from Tallahassee, Florida who’s been doing Gano for two years. Reyna’s favorite winter activity is visiting her family in the DR, while Daniel loves sledding in all the Florida snow! Have a great winter break! 

Spotlight: Tutoring *Trio* of the Week 12/01/2016


Meet this week’s stellar tutor/tutee trio: Kayla (left), Miguel, and Sam. Kayla hails from California and enjoys hiking under the golden state’s sunshine, while Sam is from New York, and when home, she loves cooking in her free time. Miguel is originally from Veracruz, Mexico, and has been attending Gano for one year. In his free time, he likes to exercise. Thanks for coming! Keep up the great work!

Spotlight: Tutoring Pair of the Week 11/03/2016



Meet Lidia (left), Elizabeth, and Gabriela! Elizabeth is a senior from Pittsburg studying Spanish and English. She spent the Fall of her junior year studying abroad in Madrid, Spain, practicing her Spanish and fine-tuning her Flamenco skills. Gabriela and Lidia are both from Mexico, and have been working with Elizabeth this semester. Lidia came to the United States 15 years ago, and Gabriela came 11 years ago. This is their first semester in Gano. Thanks for coming–keep up the great work!

Spotlight: Tutoring Pair of the Week 10/26/2016


Meet Sean and Alexis! They’re are both big fans of AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses (Alexis even has a GNR tattoo!). Alexis’s favorite thing about GANO is the help that it offers him to improve his English. Sean really likes the people, the friendly atmosphere, and the opportunity to improve his Spanish. Thanks for coming to GANO, Sean and Alexis! 

Spotlight: Tutoring Pair of the Week 10/20/2016


This week, we’re highlighting Carter, Fidel and Maddy! Carter is a pre-med freshman from Nashville, NC who learned Spanish though school. Maddy is a freshman from Huston Texas, planning on studying environmental. She learned Spanish though school as well as from her stepmother, who is Colombian. Carter and Maddy are working with Fidel this semester, who is originally from Guerrero, Mexico. Fidel came to the US in 2002, and works on construction. Keep up the great work guys!